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Dear ,

I am contacting you regarding the “Renewables Networking Platform”, a project commissioned by the European Commission, which connects stakeholders across the EU to facilitate the implementation of efficient policies towards reaching the 32% target of renewable energies (RES) by 2030.  

Your participation to the project:

Your perspective on existing barriers and best practices for renewable energies are very important to the project. Given the interest shown by the European Commission for this project, the analysis of the barriers as well as the recommendations formulated for their removal might be taken into account for future political decisions.

The project:

The “Renewables Networking Platform” is a four-year project which began in 2017. Its purpose is to provide a platform for dialogue on RES policies among market actors such as renewable energy industry associations, national and EU Parliamentarians and the scientific community at European, national, regional and local level. To this end, the project foresees the organisation of high-level policy events, as well as the monitoring of best practices and obstacles hindering the deployment of RES at national and sub-national levels. Within this framework, eclareon is responsible for analysing the technical, operational and administrative barriers hindering the development of RES in EU Member States with regard to the targets set in the RES directive. In addition, best practices fostering the deployment of RES are also identified. For more information: www.renewables-networking.eu

In this framework, would you be available for an interview to share your expertise on the barriers hindering the development of RES in the electricity/heat and transport sector in ... (your country). Would you have time on ...?

Should you have further questions on the project or on your participation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,




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