Vocabulary guide

All numbers are written as follows:

    • One thousand: 1,000
    • Three point five: 3.5
    • One million : „million“ or “m.”
    • The Euro symbol before the number :  € 1,300
    •  % directly after the number – no space in between: 25%


All dates are written as follows: 11 December 2018

Avoid “last year” or “recently”: give concrete date and year instead.


Please use British English:


    • Start writing in Word to have the automatic spelling correction in British English.
    • Word automatically selects English (USA). You can change this by defining the text as English Great Britain (Ctrl+A and language definition).
    • British spelling:
        •             „Organisation“ or “amortisation”
        •             “Centre”
        •             “Neighbours”
        •             “Programme” (British)
        •            Equalling (British) / Fuelled (British) / Signalling
        •             CHP - combined heat and power (instead of cogeneration)


Assume your reader is a foreign reader:

    • Instead of “Transelectrica”, say “The Transmission System Operator Transelectrica”
    • Explain acronyms
    • Be precise e.g.: use – if relevant- say Ministry of Energy instead of Government.


Harmonise the wording:

    • RES plant means a big energy generation plant. For smaller PV installation, use PV-installation.
    • We generally use the term “plant operator”. For PV installations, we use “operator of an installation”.
    • Grid operator= if you refer to both TSOs and DSOs. If not, use Transmission System Operator (TSO) or Distribution System Operator (DSO).
    • Wording regarding tax regulations:
      • Tax allowance = tax-free income
      •  Tax credit: refund
      • Reduced tax rate = is when you pay less tax on something

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